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About Us


Entertainment, education, activism.

That’s what we’re all about here at The Doxie Spot. You’ll learn about everything from breed basics (history, physiology, temperament) to care (grooming, training, diet, health) to resources (rescues, legit breeders, doxie events). We’ll also introduce you to some of our favorite products and doxie friends and keep you up-to-date with relevant pet-related news topics. And we are unapologetically in favor of adoption and purchasing from legitimate breeds.

We hope you enjoy taking this walk with us.

Meet Finnegan.

Weighing in at 12 pounds (on a good day) and measuring 12 inches from head to toe is Finnegan Greenwood Lassman. He’s a short-haired red dachshund with an unusual fawn coloring, like a light rust, with brown eyes and a brown snoot. His face has gained some salt (white hairs) over time, and he has one white toe. Because Finnegan – better known as Finne (pronounced “fin”) – was rescued, and the shelter didn’t know his exact age, he’s believed to be 13-ish years old. He’s both wise and young for his years. As of this writing, his current toy count is 17, and his bed count is 6.

Dislikes: baths, the vet, loud noises, balloons, being alone, that yappy neighbor dog beyond the fence

Likes: belly rubs, the beach, chicken, burrowing, zooming around the house, pill pockets, sadistically (and methodically) tearing apart plush toys, being a casanova with each and every woman he meets

Meet Chelsea.

She’s a 30-something writer and editor living in South Florida with Finne’s dad, Daniel. They’re a couple of DINKs (dual income, no kids), so they spoil Finnegan like nuts. He basically rules the roost and especially has Daddy wrapped around his little finger (paw?). Daniel is the good cop – in charge of feedings and walks. Chelsea is the bad cop – in charge of grooming, discipline and not fun stuff.